AS THE BIRDS FLY – A novel by Bruce R. Hampson.

Born into a family of Litvaks, Lithuanian Jews, Reginald Emanuel, a young boy of 12 years old, living in Canada, commences his quintessential quest through life looking for truth. The doctors blamed dissociative fugue to explain his fantastical visits with his great grandfather who lived one hundred years before him, but Reginald knew it was time travel…and he has the proof.
This is not just one more incredible story about an astonishing human being doing superhuman things. It is a simple commonplace narrative about a human becoming. Seeking happiness, love, money and success, and experiencing rejection, failure and let-downs, like we all do, along the way.
Do we ever really discover who we are?
Is our only obligation in life to discover our destiny?
Is death to be feared more than living an inadequate life?

Find out in AS THE BIRDS FLY. Go to website brucehampson.com for more information, sample pages and a platform to order the book.


CALGARY, ALBERTA – FEBURARY 17, 2019- brucehampson.com – Each one of us asks the questions, Who am I? Where did I come from? As the Birds Fly, an imaginative new novel, explores this universal quest for identity through the fantastical story of a Canadian boy of immigrant parents. In the midst of playing with his brother, he stumbles into a pipe and emerges from a cave in the time and place of his great grandparents: a community of Litvaks, or Jews, in 1860s Lithuania.

“My eyes started to tear, I did not understand what had happened to me, I had no idea where I was or how to snap back to the reality that I have been living in just an hour ago. It all seemed like a bad dream.”

As the Birds Fly is Bruce Hampson’s imaginative, personal exploration of identity and meaning, combining flights of fancy with autobiography and carefully researched historical facts. A globetrotter almost from birth, Hampson was born Zambia and immigrated with his parents to Canada as a child. His Litvak ancestors were also immigrants, running from 19th century Lithuania for a better life in South Africa. Ever the rambler, Hampson has been a successful businessman in Hong Kong and a hotel owner in France. The same restlessness led him to become an ordained priest, part of his search to answer the eternal questions, Who am I? Why am I here? Is there meaning to life? Are we at the mercy of random events, or, is there a God’s plan?

This is definitely not a story about a human being, it is a story about a human becoming.

For more information on As the Birds Fly, visit brucehampson.com. The book will be released March 30. Order today to take advantage of a pre-sell promotion for the paperback edition.