Rev. Wes Mills – President, Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada, Calgary Alberta

“In The 12 Spies of Moses, Bruce Hampson has done a masterful job on taking the biblical narrative and writing a plausible account of how the 12 spies’ mission may have unfolded. The 12 Spies of Moses is creative, imaginative, humorous, and thoroughly entertaining, as he grapples with the underlying question; was the 12 spies mission God’s idea or was it Moses’.”

Brian Hodge – Businessman, entrepreneur, Toronto, Ontario

“Bruce Hampson’s novel The Twelve Spies of Moses is an action-packed adventure story from the cover to the last chapter. Historically set in 1350 BCE, it deals with one of the greatest mysteries in the Bible; why did the Israelites have to go back to the desert wilderness for another forty years after their escape from tyrannical Egypt? The story involves a great many religious insights, but you don’t have to be religious to enjoy this book; it is a fictional narrative based on hard to research facts from hundreds of sources, including the best of them all——THE BIBLE. From Moses to Joshua, the Spies, and their Enemies, Bruce brings all of the characters to life and somehow manages to not only to get inside of their lives but also their souls in this great adventure. He also reveals to the reader a lot about the conflicts and emotional experiences of the time. So many of them will certainly resonate with us all in this Modern day. It was a pleasure to read.”

Ed Bradley – pastor, teacher, Mapleridge, B.C.

“The Twelve Spies of Moses is a masterpiece of mixing Biblical truths and sanctified fiction to teach us facts of every day living. We are challenged with decision making. There are daily choices that we all must make. Will we choose to do our own thing and suffer the consequences or will we live by faith in God and His ways? Bruce has captured a very unique way of presenting truth and engaging the reader to make the right choices. This book will challenge you and hold you spellbound from cover to cover. Well done Bruce Hampson!”

Roger Ford – retired teacher, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

“Reading “The Twelve Spies of Moses” was an epiphany for me. Having been raised during the 1960s in a religious household, I fell away from my roots. I distinctly remember seeing a stage presentation of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ in the early 1970s. I was taken aback by how human the characters seemed – from Jesus, right through to Judas. Although I did not revert to the religion of my youth, the experience did allow me the latitude to see myself as spiritual, if not religious. The book, Twelve Spies of Moses, has much the same appeal. The characters are human, multi-faceted, imperfect, and entirely relatable. I could imagine myself as just about any of them.
As a teacher, I know the importance of ‘taking iconic personalities off the shelf’, as it were. When we read biographies of great people, we long to connect to some piece of them. It allows one to move beyond the mystique in order to better understand the context and the issue(s). This book does that. Loyalty, trust, love, hate, bravery, cowardice – it’s all there. A great read, regardless of your ideology.”

Dr. Donald M. Carmont – M.A., Ph.D., C.M.C., author, speaker, Surrey, British Columbia.

“In his novel, The Twelve Spies Of Moses, author, Bruce Hampson in the true genre of “Biblical/Historical Fiction”, brings to life the Biblical narrative of the twelve spies who were commissioned by Moses to enter the land promised to them by God and to investigate its inhabitants, prior to leading the nation of Israel in to take possession. Hampson imbues the spies with personality and character (where the Biblical account is silent), and animates their interaction with each other and with those whom they confronted and with whom they battled with graphic, descriptive language that causes them to leap from the pages of his novel and into the imagination and mind of the reader. The encounters, both those recorded in Scripture, and those that the author creates, evoke strong identification with the reader. One feels like you are alongside the players as each paragraph pulsates with passion and pathos, and each chapter emanates a rhythmic movement from one battle to another. Bruce has brilliantly moved beyond the scope of the Scriptural account to present an imaginative account of what the experience might have been like for the 12 spies in the Old Testament book of Joshua. The author further speculates that it may not have been merely Moses’ disobedience and rebellion against the direct command of God to “speak to the Rock” (to bring water for the thirsty tribes of Israel) when he twice smote the Rock with his rod, but his arrogance and pride in going ahead of God and commissioning the spies on their mission without God’s direct command, that resulted in his being forbidden to enter the land. Moses is personified throughout the narrative, and, delivers a final soliloquy in the closing pages. Readers who avow a strict allegiance to the Biblical account, and to adding nothing thereto, will have to put aside their orthodox interpretation and read the book as it is intended—as a novel to derive the full impact of its message. While Hampson is theologically qualified to offer commentary on the typology and metaphors of the Biblical story and to apply their metaphorical application to a life of faith, he refrains from doing so in the interest of crafting a story that distills the Biblical principle of obedience and surrender to the will and commands of God as the only guaranteed safe passage to the Land of Promise. I greatly enjoyed the manuscript and couldn’t put it down once I opened its pages. I heartily recommend it, both as a fascinating work of fiction and as a novel that reveals powerful principles for life.”