About me:

Born in Zambia, into a family of Litvaks, Bruce Hampson immigrated to Canada once his father saw a postcard of a Royal Canadian mountie and decided to start life afresh. His ancestors did exactly the same, running from the 19th century Lithuania looking for a better life in South Africa. Hunger for new experiences and hopping across continents seems to run in the family: a miner in Saskatchewan, a fireman in Zimbabwe, a minister and charismatic church leader in Alberta, a wine enthusiast, a successful businessman in Hong Kong, and a hotel owner in France, Bruce Hampson has done more than fits three lifetimes. Searching for roots, God, financial gains, happiness – all was part of the journey that seeks to answer the eternal question: who am I, what is the purpose of it all, is there a God’s plan, a hand of fate that moves us, or are we at the mercy of random events that play with our life. This thought is reflected in his debut novel that takes the reader across centuries and continents, from a 19th century Lithuanian village, to gold mines in South Africa and beyond.

Bruce Hampson, Alge, his wife and their miniature schnauzer Atilla live in Vancouver, Canada, and they still hop continents.

Bruce Hampson